Quodlibet Abyssinians

allevamento amatoriale di abissini riconosciuto ANFI e FIFe
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Our cattery (30828 reads)

Francesco, Elisabetta
and our friend Johanna (2002)

About us

We live downtown in Milano, in a large flat.
Our family: Riccardo, IT consultant, Maria Grazia, teacher, Francesco and Elisabetta.
We first met Abys in 1996: we didn't even know that breed existed!
It was a first-sight love and we decided we NEEDED to own one.
And soon it was done: that's how we started.

Our story

Henry in Oslo with little Gina

Yesterday: We're in!

We started breeding Abys in 1997, when we got our first Aby: Gina Ekdahl av Skillebekk, from Oslo, breeder: Henri Koli.

In 1997 we also got Awali af Kisiyesi from Baltimore and Sienna af Khartoum from Denmark. Our first Aby litter was born in 1998.
In 1998 we also got Habibin Kiara Kerenza from Finland.

In 1999 our breeding was recognized by ANFI (the italian FIFe related association) and FIFe and we got our cattery name: Quodlibet.
In the same year we had our second male, Lionel of Wonderlove: this was the beginning of our friendship with Doris Angermund.

We owe much to breeders like Henri, Elin, Bodil, Anne, Pirkko and Doris: thanks their support, experience and friendship we have learnt a lot. We thank them and hope we'll keep on cooperating in future.
We also thank Chiara Tassara and Pino Stella, Aby breeders, who helped us a lot with their suggestions and experience.

Today: Going on...

In 2004 we set up -together with few other breeders - the first Italian Abyssinian and Somali Breed Club (CIGAS).
This Breed Club has been recognized by ANFI (the Italian FIFe Fancy) and AFeF (an Italian WCF Club).
In 2005 CIGAS organized the very first Italian Aby and Som Special: it was great!

Doris Angermund with
Uluru of Wonderlove JW

Our cats

Our cats live free together with us and enjoy our family life.
We love and cuddle them as if they were - and they actually are- house cats.
We care a lot about their health and happiness. That's why we test them for genetic diseases like PRA and PK-Deficency (DNA Tests). They're also FIV, FeLV tested and regularly checked by the vet.
When a kitten leaves our home we want him to be happy.
That's why we don't give cats neither to shops nor to labs, and we ask the new owner to subscribe these rules defined by contract ( full text available here):
  1. the cat can't be sold or given to shops or labs
  2. the cat must not be caged or locked
  3. the cat must not be declawed
  4. the cat must get his shots and must be checked by a vet
  5. if the cat is a pet or even a show quality cat (transfer "Not for breeding") then he can't be used for breeding and must be neutered/spayed
  6. if the cat is sold for breeding (transfer "For breeding"), then the new owner has to subscribe a contract and follow the contract rules.
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